The graduation of the 1st group of multipliers was held on 23rd March 2013 and the day started at 7:30am with the arrival of the multipliers.

In attendance were Prof Jonathan Baranga, ITCT-Africa Chairman Board of Trustees,Dr Simon Anguma, Dean Faculty of Sciences from our partner University of Science and Technology-Mbarara. Beatrice Byakutaga (Principal Nakaseke Primary Teachers Training College) who represented Ministry of Education and Sports. Christine Sempanyi from NITA (National Information Technology Authority), Drake Mutahakana from KCCA (Kampala Capital City Authority), Hanspeter Spalinger from Linuxola,Principals of Primary Teachers Training Colleges and Nakawa Vocational Institute and Headteachers of primary schools,trainers, friends, wellwishers and staff of ITCT-Africa.

Speeches were given with Bosa K.M Billy representing the primary schools and Natukunda Beatrice on behalf of the Primary Teachers Training Colleges (PTCs) and vocational institutes. Both extended gratitude for having been selected to gain skills that had been yearned for long.

They requested that:

  • the Centre holds regular refresher meetings

  • multipliers be given a Startup Multiplier Kit and

  • For the workshop to run for more than six months



Yet more good news at the Centre, from October 2012, with the start of the 'Training of 50 multipliers project in the field of IT teacher training and further education in Africa' , to the graduation in March 2013 of the first group (25/50) .Trainees were selected from the districts of Mukono, Kampala, Wakiso  and this particular group comprised of Teacher Training Colleges and Primary schools both private and government owned.

So much knowledge was imparted by the trainers who were made up of staff from ITCT-Africa, Linuxola, EDDA-Africa, Centre partner universities of Kyambogo, Kenyatta, MUST and Kinshasa.

Courses such as E-learning, social networks (the students room, facebook), e-market, e-books, e-journals, e-publishing, online libraries, among others proved very useful to the trainees especially in regards to accessibility to teaching materials online.Though Linux-Ubuntu proved a challenge in the beginning, with hands on practice, teachers found it comfortable and enjoyable to use.

Facilitators were greatly appreciated for being patient, hard working,encouraging and the good relationship with the trainees.

it looks simple to edit the web inserting

pictures but it is not easy unless

you get some help, after that then

you will be assured of doing it better

but still it is not easy  for the purpose of learng

you ca use the available one

The teacher will no longer be left behind

The teacher will always be well prepared

the teacher will love the profession more

Because now the computer is the teacher's best pal

C - Complex

O - Open source

M - Malliable

P - Precise

U - User friendly

T - Timely

E - Exciting and

R - Relevant to the teaching profession

Teachers plant wisdom and cultivate love.I commend teachers of ITCT for their patience,they make sure all learners are at the same pace.God bless you.