ITCT Africa held its first IT teacher training workshop at the centre from 16-20 July 2012. Teachers from the universities of Kyambogo and Mbarara, as well as primary and secondary schools of Kitante and  Makerere College, participated in the workshop. Teachers trained in web editing using Content Management Systems (CMS) and database management (MySQL).

The ITCT Africa team would like to thank all participants for their contribution in making this short-notice workshop a success.


It is has been such a memorable moment that will always ring in my mind. It has come at the most opportune time when the whole country is going global where the most effective and efficient media is information and communication technology. From my introduction to training at ITCT-AFRICA  Centre to date, I have greatly benefited and I can now operate a computer ably. I attribute all these to the management of the center, state-of -art computers and my own zeal to learn. Appreciation also goes to the  director for the initiative that is transforming "me" in e-learning.

This is likely to enhance my delivery during the teaching-learning process. I long for even greater opportunities to train and still be able to acquire computers for my school - Kitante Primary School through this very initiative.


The Advanced training is almost done with exams pending.We will be seeing out ten teachers who would have managed to successfully go the mile.

Beginners are also in the final stages of accomplishing the Computer Application and Software course,thus,moving on to the intermediary.The course duration has now reduced from 4(four) to 3(three) weeks,studying 5 days for 2 hours(non-teachers) and 3 days in 4(four) weeks for teachers.

Teachers in Uganda  are being  toasted up and down by politicians in their own field of profession.

Politician now go to class rooms to supervise  without supervision skills.Teachers advise politicians to try and gain pedagogical skills of supervising Educational Programmes

ITCT AFRICA  is now giving information technology  skills .to Teachers so that  teachers are greatly equipped with skills  of teaching using computer. Hope this training continues for greater horizons.

Let me thank the Director  JUSTINE MAGAMBO  for  thinking about teachers  in Africa. .


The Centre offers an organised,small,friendly environment. Easily accessible and composed of a small team of friendly staff. Teachers are informed with a unique training programme(Linux) and are also inspired to socialise,network with the trainers and trainees alike. Our priority is a good relationship between trainer and trainee, patience and tolerance maintained,ample practice time set aside and a quiet,comfortable climate for acquiring computer knowledge.

ITCT Africa started operations on the 14-11-11 with three sessions,morning 8:00-10:00am,afternoon 2:00-4:00pm and evening 6:00-8:00pm running for five days. And a Saturday session from 10:00-12:00 noon for those that taught from schools further from the Centre and could not make it during week days. Eight teachers were from Kitante Primary School,four from Old Kampala Primary, two from Bat Valley Primary School,one from Wandegeya Muslim Primary School and four students in school vacation.

The Centre had eight male and eleven female trainees with different academic qualifications. While some were Grade III and V teachers,others were Graduates. And with more still showing interest in the programmes.

First graduation will take place at the Centre from 12:00-2:00pm on the 11-04-2012.

Programmes Offered

Computer Application and Skills

  • Introduction to computers

  • Internet communication and email

  • Libre office Writer(ms_word)

  • Libre office Calc(ms_excel)

  • Libre office Impress(ms_powerpoint)

  • Libre office Base(ms_access)

Web publication with Content management systems

  • Blogs

  • CMS

  • Wikis

Social Networking

  • Web tools

  • Blogging

  • Collaborative tools

Database and Internet Management systems (moodle)

E-learning and collaborative learning

  • Web editing and

  • Publishing