The IT course for teachers training,is an opener to the teaching/learning situation in the classrooms .

Its not only to the teachers/educators ,but more to the the learners because what they learn in class, is more practiced in their free lives in their environments.

It is therefore advisable that when the learning gets tougher with new skills and more so practical,there should be endurance.

Endurance is achieved with gradually putting in practice what is being learnt ! Mistakes are inevitable,thus,when at any time there is a mistake ,that marks a sign of learning that there is masterly and internalization.

Please,fellow IT practitioner(educationists-),you are an expert only when you have gradually developed the skills learnt and practice them with endurance.

Guess who the person is in the picture.He ,pushed on gradually with endurance amidst challenges and his legacy still lives on !

Keep on - gradually along with endurance!

BBOSA K.M. Billy.

ITCT Africa Project is a Golden opportunity for the Ugandan child. There is no education system that is better than the quality of  the teachers serving that system. By equipping the teachers with IT skills, it will improve the content base of the teacher through accessing recent and well researched information to pass on to the learners.

Let us all join hands with ITCT Africa  to achieve the Golden opportunity created for the African child. This is the process to move us to  the level of the developed countries and enjoy a similar level of benefits.

Through this capacity building program, one of the challenges to over is change the mind set of the teachers though exposure to appreciate that using IT to teacher makes the worker much easier and more interesting. IT also opens the opportunity for the learners to discover more on their own, thereby creating real learning. as the saying goes, when I do I know.

Long live ITCT Africa


The entry of ITCT-africa  initiative program to a Ugandan Teacher started a new

revolution to empower Teachers in IT in Uganda.

As a beneficially, am proud to have had an opportunity to venture into  an area

hitherto considered to be beyond my reach.The program has enabled me to

share and interact with other people outside Uganda.

Thank you ITCT-AFRICA!

Equipping the teachers in Uganda with IT skills will enhance productivity of the teachers in the classroom instruction by easily accessing teaching materials using internet, While in Germany, UK, the books for use in 2013 are already  printed and on market for sale, in Africa and Uganda in particular, teachers are expected to use books printed in 2000 or much earlier. The growth in new information is very rapid globally, including new pedagogical approaches. The training should eliminate use of out dated materials/ content presented to the learners. For the African nations to move,we need to change the approach to the way we do things and use cost effective methods that are more efficient.

The ITCT  Africa Curriculum design that focus on e-learning, e-library, how to use internet is  a big step forward towards enhancing the teaching learning processes. every teacher, the education planners and policy makers need to embrace this ITCT Project in Uganda as strategy to enhance creativity and innovation amongst the teachers and to make learning more appealing to the learners.


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It is early time teachers in Uganda to join the technology and shift from chalk board work,

machines like computers,projectors can do the work chalk board does better and very effective

provided the teacher using them is well equipped with all the skills necessary .so allow me to join hands

and thank the ITCT Africa for all the effort ,time,money and all the materials they have put in so far to lift a Ugandan

teacher to a level of a teacher in well developed countries.when technology is invested in a teacher am sure

by the end of the day we are going to see that farmers,traders,doctors,cleaners,drivers and all other people in the whole

Uganda find using technology as the best and effective mean of doing things