Linuxola a Swiss non-profit organisation that endeavors to close the digital divide between the North and South by supporting in the implementation of hardware and software in the partner institutions. Linuxola is a partner in education-africa since 2008 and has contributed to the establishment of computer laboratories in the universities of Mbarara, Kyambogo and Kenyatta. Linuxola is a founding member of ITCT-Africa.

University of Cologne the department of education initiated the education-africa project in 2004 and has since formed university partnerships with various universities in Africa. It is a founding partner of ITCT-Africa
University of Kyambogo has the largest teacher training programme in the country, and is an active member in ITCT-africa and serves as an outreach centre for training.
Mbarara, University of Science and Technology, (MUST) located in western Uganda, MUST has been in the education-africa partnerring since 2004. It serves as an outreach centre for the south and western regions of Uganda and has recruited IT teacher training experts for ITCT-Africa.
Kenyatta University a partner since 2004, Kenyatta university has participated in research in use of ICTs in teacher education and is a leading university in elearning in East Africa.
University of Kinshasa the only Francophone university in the partnerring, it provides the link to other Francophone universities in Africa. The department of chemistry is a lead partner in a two-year joint project science teaching with ICTs training laboratories.