Yet more good news at the Centre, from October 2012, with the start of the 'Training of 50 multipliers project in the field of IT teacher training and further education in Africa' , to the graduation in March 2013 of the first group (25/50) .Trainees were selected from the districts of Mukono, Kampala, Wakiso  and this particular group comprised of Teacher Training Colleges and Primary schools both private and government owned.

So much knowledge was imparted by the trainers who were made up of staff from ITCT-Africa, Linuxola, EDDA-Africa, Centre partner universities of Kyambogo, Kenyatta, MUST and Kinshasa.

Courses such as E-learning, social networks (the students room, facebook), e-market, e-books, e-journals, e-publishing, online libraries, among others proved very useful to the trainees especially in regards to accessibility to teaching materials online.Though Linux-Ubuntu proved a challenge in the beginning, with hands on practice, teachers found it comfortable and enjoyable to use.

Facilitators were greatly appreciated for being patient, hard working,encouraging and the good relationship with the trainees.